Thursday, November 27, 2008

26th November; the year 2008

“We are resilient by force… not by choice.”

So stop pushing it. Stop hitting the panic button every few months just to see how long it takes for us to come back and pretend like nothing is wrong. What is this going to get you? Peace? Freedom? World domination?

Unlike the rest of the furious people I know, I do not blame the whole race for what these few imbeciles are doing. But there was something in me that was just boiling up. How many people got out of work late and went to the pub for a drink and to relax, just to find that there were mad-hatters just firing for fuck-sake at anything that moved? How many got out of home and didn’t return. I wont repeat these questions for the fear of sounding like im whining about the same thing as everyone.
It is like a never-ending nightmare. I haven’t understood yet why some people are even allowed to be called journalists while their minds are just so… what’s the word… empty! A phone conversation between the terrorist and a dumb reporter was aired on this one channel. Now let me explain why dumb. A normal human being knows that when someone is committing a horrendous act like this, he is surely at the end of his nerves already. This reporter, finds the time to have casual chat with the terrorist, asking him his educational background and which company he last worked for. Then he goes on to ask how many terrorists are there all around the city, and after the terrorist already warns him about asking stupid questions and requests him politely not to underestimate his intelligence, the reporter ignores the statement and asks him the same question again. Then on changing the channel, I find that the next channel found some time to put all the clips of dead people lying around the Victoria Terminus platform floor, clips of people crying and fire catching the Taj hotel dome, and along with these clips is some beautiful background music. I mean, the music helped me REALLY FEEEL the enormity of the situation. I was ignorant before that amazing music, ignorant about how well News channels manipulate blood-shed to raise TRP. There were warnings sent out to all the news persons standing-by the Trident. Instructions were clear; no information was to be given over the news about what the officials were doing. Yet Barkha Datt was telling us, “I’m not allowed to tell you what exactly is going on because there are television sets in the hotels, but I can tell you that the navy force and the army are now entering the building.” Enough information given already!

I prayed last night for all this to stop. I know that isn’t going to help to put the fires out. But I wont lie. I found myself crying for all these people. I sit here at work, unable to move out because my mom is too scared about how ill get home. Unable to vent because everyone is in this same boat as me. But this boat wont sink soon. Its had holes hammered through it so many times already. Someone fixes the leak and stops it. But its scarier this time. Earlier, I spoke about the call between the terrorist and the reporter,and I must say, it freaked me out. He made me angry and scared. Angry because he said he was doing all this in the name of god, that god said in the scriptures that if you kill people in the name of your religion, to acquire peace, you will attain glory in heaven. But he is doing this to get what he wants, and peace is not on the top of his ferist. I may not be adequately aware of what the book says but certainly, GOD didn’t say kill innocent people! Don’t make us the victims of your lack wisdom in interpreting the scriptures. You shot the GM’s wife and 3 children! What purpose did that serve? Didn’t you have the least bit of conscience pricking you while you did that? And I felt scared for the one line he used. And as clich├ęd as his statement may be, it made my body cold for just a second when he said, “this is just the beginning, you just wait and watch the show.”

Can it be true that we are facing the worst attack at our country’s Economic capital has ever seen? This too just when the market was beginning to improve.

But as I said in the first line of my grumble, we will bounce back soon.

And I pray I'm right...