Thursday, May 13, 2010

Color me funny!

And so another day comes along and I fight hard to break the monotony by dressing like Mother Nature’s adopted daughter. I also resemble St. Patrick’s niece.

As my green painted finger nails (that match the beautiful green tick-tocks on my feet) type into the blackberry, I sit in the third row of the purple AC bus. That’s the other favorite color! To me, purple is the colour of passion. Not violet, not plum… Purple like the shade of a hickey on the first morning ;) Imagine how purple silk sheets on your bed would complement the wife’s black lingerie!

I suddenly realize that I am going to post this on my blog and my mother is a regular visitor! Note to self: calm down on the passionate part, please.

So, point is (as if there ever really is one in any of my posts) that I love colors! The natural shade of brown in my sister’s hair.. the added red, black, etc. in mine. My colorful fruit salad, the gorgeous blue bike that matches his new car, the silver pen in my colleague’s hand, the red pumps in my closet that I am so in love with, the golden second-hand ticker on the clock that hangs on the cream wall. What’s not to love? And just now… I am not kidding you about this… my podette just played Colorblind by Darius.

If you are reading this and thinking “How random!” … Well, sweetheart, the point of me owning the blog is because I want to share my randomness. I have a lot of days like this when odd thoughts in my head don’t fit into rhyme or reason. 

Pray, I find a way to be more regular on my blog and not disappoint the 39 followers who like me enough to comment once in a while. ;)