Saturday, March 31, 2012

While the breeze blew through my hair...

I thought...
Tormented thoughts
Deviate me from my path
Of trying hard to defy
The nature of my world
My world
The place where its bright yet only
A blasting white
Nothing to paint it purple with
I take my book of literature
And try to use it
As a brush
To smudge the blotches of lovely fuchsia
And positivity flows through
The million words of love
That are non-existent in the text
Pushing through these
Horrendously beautiful intentions of walking
On the cloud

Hope… present at location
With faith in all its absence
Although they go hand in hand
Your touch made my body
Youre saying words that push
Pull me hard
Close to youre chest
The heart beat in there
Will tell mine to start again
Bump bump bump
Make it thump
Im falling fast
Hell’s walls are painted a bright white
To make the rooms look bigger
Just so that you realize
How much of space is empty
Filled with your loneliness.