Friday, September 23, 2011

Lingering something...

My head begins to spin,
Reaching out for something as support...
I find your hand.
Your warmth makes my heart beat faster and slower
both at the same time.
I know its clich├ęd
But its true.

I wanna be the warm morning breeze
That floats calmly across your face,
Leaving just a misty feeling as proof of its existence.

I wanna tickle your senses
Like a sour grape in winter
that you wish you never tasted, cos now you cant get enough.

Its on an island.. Blue and green,
You take away the fear of water from inside me,
And fill the spaces with nothing
But sweet somethings that linger.

Don't look behind

I need you.

But I will tell you what I don’t need. I definitely don’t need the drop in my self- confidence. I do not want the incessant need for over protection masked with “care”. I do not demand to be told what my life is “supposed” to be.
I have never known of myself as one to follow norms. Do I look like I care about what society thinks? I love my god but I do not believe he put me here with a script written so next time you tell me I was “born” to do a woman’s job, slap yourself.

Actually, just slap yourself anyway. You managed to turn a brightly coloured tiger lily that’s full of life and energy into this ugly weed that is just lying there waiting to be uprooted and thrown away.

I told you. Don’t change me. You should have just let me be.

Now, do all you think you can to turn the clock back. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My ray of sunshine

You know the feeling, when all you do is stare at your screen and smile to eternity?

The feeling of knowing that there are people who came into your life and just stayed there, never once complaining that you don’t say hi anymore or that you don’t keep them updated on your life anymore. And no matter the distance, no matter the time lapse, you can still pick up where you left off.

Its best when it happens at that moment when you have cursed every other thing and wished for a simple happy life. You see that ray of light blinding you and calling out to you.

Change is constant

Life is about reaching somewhere.

Its always like that. You wake up everyday with a drive to something. Everyone I know has a goal. It’s the reason you wake up on a Monday morning.

Mine changes everyday.

Once upon a time...

..there was a princess and now she’s got her fairy tale.

She stands a few inches above 5 feet and owns the brightest smiles I’ve seen yet. When she laughs for real it’s from her heart and you can really tell from the sound. She has come a long way from wearing braces and crazy weird denims that would go all the way above the place it’s supposed to be at, to being a successful young lady who works with Citi Group in the USA for the past 4 years. 

She is the daughter that her dads boasts of, a hard working girl who makes her mom’s heart leap when she says “what’s up mumma darling?” and a sister who is always there to listen to drunken woes over the weekends even though its 1 in the afternoon on her Saturday off work.

I do not know of one person who dislikes her.

And she has now met her prince. He towers above her at an inch above  5'11", a broad built and smart (from the three odd conversations that I have had with him) hard-working guy who can hold up a very intellectually stimulated conversation (and we all know how tough that is to come by with men). Truth is, when he is around, I have seen her glow. You can imagine a pretty thing like her would look even more stunning with that happy aura around her.

Their story is beautiful because… she is marrying her best friend.

For years they have been by each other through the ups and downs, through the sickness and the good moments. So they finally figured that there was something more to this. They’ve done more than stick to vows of friendship for so many years and they realized that they wouldn’t find anyone else who would fit so perfectly into their lives.

They tie the knot in the eleventh month of this year and I couldn’t be more excited. I am hoping to write a lot more about the whole affair from the end of October to the wedding. After all, she is my sister.