Friday, October 16, 2015


I dreamed of whispering in your ear, 
Words so sweet yet clear,
To calm down your urge to fearlessly hold my wrist and take me from the crowd.
Take me to a place where no one would notice,
Cos what you had in mind to do to me
Would gain a lingered stare from the most insane of people.
But my lips so close in your ear would not help
They did more damage than I'd expected
The warmth emanating from your slender beautiful neck wouldn't help me be practical either,
as I should be in the middle of a chaotic street.

Oh the sweet pleasures of being away from you
Just to want you more 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Take me

You look into my eyes
As if you see right through me
Deep inside where I am numb
It makes me feel so naked
So powerless in your arms

Take me away from here
To an island blue and green
Breathe into me, make my blood warm
like I know you can
Been frozen all this while
without your touch

Feel like I have waited for this moment
A thousand years gone by
No other touch can feel this way
No other kiss can wet these lips right

Timeless beauty
This could last forever.
Twirl me around in circles
On this moonless night
And watch me get dizzier in your trance
This moment wont pass soon
Take me now…