Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Open your eyes

Stop and stare. At the world that goes by you. Turn around and notice what you have walked by without noticing. It was lying there in your path because it wanted you to see it. I’m on this travelator and I don’t know where it began or where I get off, but it just won’t stop moving. And time is moving past too fast. To my right is this life I want, with the trinkets and bows and pink ribbons tied around a picture of my perfect family. But I can’t stop to grab it now. Time won’t stand still long enough. I notice that my baggage is on this moving strip. I carry too much baggage every time I travel. Is it my nature or actually a significance of what I am blindly pulling along with me all the time? My shoulders haven’t felt relaxed in the longest time even though I’m not carrying anything.

What do you think this means?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Only you

Let it go!

I wont! Its just something I cannot bear to leave behind.

What if I let you go and forget? I dont want to leave this room tonight. Dont think I'll open the door tomorrow either. I feel like a maniac when I find myself laughing while I cry. It was something stupid you said...

Come back.. just for a minute. I'll slap you once, hold you close and... yes, a minute will do. Its all I want for Christmas. Would you say no to me?

You wont go away, I've been talking to you every night. Are you listening?

Just wish I could see you before they shut you in forever. But I am happy that when I close my eyes, your smiling face is all I see.

I've always been yours and now you will stay mine forever, a real angel on my shoulder.