Sunday, July 3, 2011

punctuate this!

i am lost in what i think others want me to do, think and feel

if i like a movie, book or piece of art that u dont, well bloody hell i want to like it cos i do! i want to do it without conviction and judgements from u

but actually, to hell with ur judgements

and i dont like everything i say i do. most of the times i just say i do. but well hypocrite, so do u! i want away from the worry of not being liked for saying what i feel and how i feel it. for needing to stop writing cos i dont want 'u' to read.

i love me more than i know i do. its ok if u dont. its ok if u read and say 'what a bore' or 'how could she dare say something like that' cos i do not want u to care anymore.

if i dont like what ur wearing, il write it. just be happy im not saying it out loud!

if i think ur a jerk and u cant lead a team, il say it. thank ur stars im nt saying it to the others.

online.. u dont know me, i dont know u...

its a blog! lets keep it at that, shall we?