Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marriage.. NOT!

I have often written about the situation in relationships. Of course my view is biased. How can it not be? But I really want to discuss this topic on another biased view. One of the older sibling.

The other day I was shocked to hear my sister say, “I never want to get married. It’s a very unhappy concept”. She sounded so sure of it that it stunned me. Of course it isn’t a decision etched in stone. But why ever did she have such an absurd thought? This little 13 year old, had dreams a few years ago of having a big white wedding in a fancy place. So I sat her down and asked her what the matter was.

What I realized, is that I should soon stop her from watching “Colors” channel. No more saas-bahu for her. Whatever happened to Hannah Montana obsession and the rest, I wondered.

“What happens after you get married?”

Uhm... well baby, I cant tell you that now, but… “You start a new family. You become the one responsible for the house, the work, the money. You get to do all the things you see mom doing. It’s so much to experience!”

“Yes! I become everything. I have to take care of the kids, give birth to them first, become fat because of that and at the same time, I have to also do MY job outside the house.” What an intelligent sister I have, she has passed through the boy-crazy stage, safely, to become the sensible woman she should be.

She went on to rant about everyday fights and bills to pay and getting used to a new family. I now know that I should be careful when I fight with the boyfriend around this brat who is clearly eavesdropping on our conversations.

After a long chat, I held her close in my arms and watched her sleep while I promised her that though life may be tough, it still does have its bright ribbons and pretty bows.

I hope I am right! For one, she was up the next morning dreaming of being Justin Bieber’s wife.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Downside Up!

Everyday isn’t going to be your day. You have your off-days when you’re so down on yourself and are almost in a trance throughout the day.

Some of you handle it well, some not so brilliantly. I have too many of these just like you do too. Like yesterday. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t find my reason to smile, once every few hours, in the small things that happened around me. It is the small things that do it for me truly. A jovial rickshaw man who passes a crazy comment at every weird driver who cuts him off, a sweet colleague who smiles every time your eyes meet, my podette on shuffle playing all the right songs out of the 500 odd choices or simply a darling brother who hugs you as you enter the door while telling you that you’re looking pretty.

In the end, it’s all about not holding onto that frown too tight. Let go of it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What the...?

Just unfair. It is!

Was just sticking my head in the fridge for two purposes. At this ungodly hour, I was in the mood for coffee!And secondly, I was trying to get away from the sudden heat wave this mad city is experiencing. So, I take out the carton of Tetra-packaged milk cos I had my lazy reasons for not choosing the packet of fresh milk. Pulled out my king-size mug, tilted the carton and then my face did its automated emote. People who know me, know how quick I am to make a face, raise an eyebrow (right raise means one thing, left means another) and the often flair of the nostrils, apart from the others. Getting back to the story. I got totally freaked cos what was pouring into my mug looked like kanji, a.k.a. the water left after you have boiled rice. Then I do the stupidest and yet the most natural thing, I sniff.

The putrid stench made me wish I had chosen to give up on my mad-midnight-cravings, at least tonight.

I find out that apparently, after you've opened the carton, you have two days to finish it off, especially now that its summer.

So, here I stand. Totally disappointed. Cos I think too much for my own good, I have connected this with the way life is. Every darn thing has a shelf-life. Like it or not, either it expires, turns sour or (if it has no expiry date) just moves to the back of the shelf. Maybe i am too young to come to such a harsh conclusion, but I know that I ain't completely wrong.

An attraction. Totally comes with a shelf life. And the worst part is, there is no label that informs you of this. It just relies on your common sense and the external factors invloved. Ignore it long enough and its like a big mug of cold beer that has stood still too long.It's flat, too bitter to bother drinking and too warm to quench your thirst. Then is there still any point in drinking it just for the momentary buzz? Is that buzz worth the feeling of regret you will experience later? Why not just leave it at that and ask for another glass? Me being the person I am, I dont see a point in putting in any effort of picking up the glass putting it to my mouth and then regretting it later. I suffer from lack of patience for this kind of shelf life. Wait, I just generally suffer from lack of patience. Period.

More often than ever, it has the 'turning sour' factor. Some realise this soon enough and some would find out the hard way. Like imagine if I hadn't found the carton useless tonight, tomorrow my sister (who has this annoying habit of drinking directly from the carton) would find out through a really bad tummy and several visits to the loo.

Isn't it so damn unfair? I could rant on and on about this and somehow I will stop myself here.

And I do wonder - how come everything thing I think I need, always comes with batteries?

Oh John Mayer, I love you for today.