Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My blinding sunshine

Im lovin' everything blue,
The sky, the sea,
even the denims I refuse to remove...

Im cravin' everything new,
His longing, his telephone kisses,
everything he never used to do.

I wish I never grew,
to the woman I now seem to be,
just because I was told to.

Love has taught me to live
for the moment that is now
for the moment that is spent
And yet, not a penny less in my pocket

Inexpensive, Cruel, Reality
These three words is what I associate with
Love is this to me.

Not only is it the scent of his skin in the morning
Its also his anger at being woken up in vain.
Not only is it his love talk when the sun shines bright
Its also the words of frustration that come out of pain.

Dont misunderstand my late realization for ignorance...
As cliche as it would seem,
They say love never comes easy...

Make a promise

Show me your soul, have no fear
My life's a blur but my words are clear
I lost my way for the way you shine
Listen up now, sunshine of mine
Even though you doubt it's true,
More than you'd guess lives in you
Yet you resist and disbelieve -
Let that go, be brave to breathe!
Only one step, it is time
Vow to love yourself, sunshine -
Everything will be just fine.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I can see the future
See the results of you and me
We reenact this over and over
Your lines always repeat
And still I'm left here
With this knife in my heart
Yet every time I fall for it
And I slowly fall apart
I always trust your lies
And every time it is the same
Your lame attempts to try
Though, I guess I am to blame.

So sing to me my lullaby
Cut me till I bleed
And watch me as I slowly die
Keeping up this old routine

Someday this must end
You'll have gotten what you wanted
But still be wanting more
My heart in a paper bag
And me left on the floor

Friday, May 8, 2009


This is a sign board in one of the million Iranian Restaurants in the South of Bombay. I miss Kayani's! I miss sitting there and being indecisive about what to order from the limited menu. I miss the puffs and the cup cakes that you will not find anywhere else in the world... called the glass cake, which is shaped long and looks like a roll instead of a cup cake! Read this sign board and notice how it has more rules than a Seven star hotel.

Five years of my life, I travelled to that city of dreams, hopes and disappointments... Flora fountain... a place I walked past so many times without noticing its beauty...

Some good memories, many gruesome... This is where the economic capital of the most diverse nation in the world, got attacked by 12 people who were barely over 21. Resilience is a word I have come to hate.

Crawford market.... The filthiest place to walk through during the rainy season but one place where you can get anything...orignal and fake... alive and slaughtered...

The water is so dirty, yet...the belief is enough to immerse themselves into this pollution...

Her teeth are black with the enormous amounts of tobacco she has chewed....

Indecisive? Colours can speak a million words, dont you agree?