Friday, August 12, 2011

Stop and feel

Oh heart, my heart
why do you ache so?
This is the way that life is to be

The pain has been divided
over the world, to every creature
The tears have been shared
by every soulful eye he created
The joy to everyone that breathes
has been rightfully allotted

Yet Life did its justice
When it chose you to bear this burden,
it looked at you,
realized your strength,
knew what you could bear

So know this
oh heart, my heart
What you hold in you
is what you deserve

It’s only your share of pain
that you need to bear
Do not hurt for the rest

It’s only your load of tears
that you need to shed
Don't be greedy for another’s

It’s only your bounty of joy
that you need to hold on to

But life never stopped you
from multiplying your love
For that is the one weight
you can carry fourfold your size

You are and always will be
Oh heart, my heart