Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring is here... and

the blooming flowers
give out an eerie smell that is divine
to the strangers around us,
yet you don’t even notice it.
I wanna be your companion
and hold your hand,
laughing at the simpleton across the street,
who is trying to walk straight
under the million shopping bags his wife has thrust him with.
I want to share nights with you,
that are not finished by the dark.

I want you in the club,
watching me for the first 20 minutes,
dance alone, looking like I’ve shot up,
while you wait to get drunk enough
to pull me close and not feel the crowd.

As I pen my deepest thoughts,
and while my heartaches bleed out onto the paper,
I want you to watch me light up your last cigarette,
breaking free with the smoke I let out.
I want to smile as you smile,
Giggle with you at nothing at all,
looking inanely stupid doing it.

Make me your lover.
I wanna find the passions
that move you to action
out of your couch into my arms.
I wanna be the naughty
that urges you to come back for more,
and forget the snooker game on the telly.

I want to make you English breakfast,
and hear you complain about how you hate it,
while you finish your last bite.
I would watch you teaching me how to make dinner,
and later fight for the last morsel on the plate.
I want to struggle in the shower,
argue for cold against hot,
Cos I love the sound you make when you shiver.
In the middle of the night,
I want to pull the blanket off you
Just so that you come close,
and cling onto me.

I wanna wake in the morning
and smile while I watch you pull out
all your clothes from the closet,
searching for the perfect match.
I love how you’re always up before me.
I want everyday to be the weekend
where I can lie on the couch
while you lay your head on my chest
and hold my hands to keep me
from changing the channel.

It’s not secret I have kept from you.
Very simply put,
in all your entirety,
your flaws, your anger,
your never ending temper.
I want you.