Saturday, April 4, 2009


It is such a beautiful day. Feels like every time I sneeze, positivity is sprinkling out of me...!

Reluctant as I was to wake up in the morning, I got out and the first thing I did was out of my routine (yes, I DO have a routine which I follow strictly). I woke and immediately opened the curtains and then the balcony door. I felt the rain on my face along with the cool breeze, and instantly as my eyes were closed, I felt like I was in my balcony in Bombay, during the monsoons. I stood there for a few minutes smiling at the bliss I felt early in the morning, which is unusual for a crab like me who is constantly cribbing all morning.

I followed my routine and added something to it... I started singing. And I wore colours today instead of my drag bossini-like-theme (for all those unaware, bossini is the most boring coloured brand and they have the nerve to have children's clothes in the same drab colours). I had my breakfast and got out of the house with a skip in my step. With my pretty polka dotted umbrella, I stepped into the loverly rain. I got a bus immediately and didn't have to wait.

I believe today (and trust me, I will need to read this again tomorrow to believe it again tomorrow) that if you trust that you're going to have a nice day and sincerely find something good about your life, you're going to have a partially good day, sometimes even a complete nice day. I look at my mother and she could write an entire encyclopedia collection about bad days. Especially cos she has daughters like the twins and me! She has put up with all our nonsense. And after getting down with puberty-crisis with me, she now has it two at a time with the girls. Gosh, I miss annoying them. But when I look at that woman, I am so proud of all the things she has seen life through. Her accidents, bad accidents. Her deliveries, one at a time-twice and two at a time once. Sometimes I wish I could be strong like her in a lot of ways because lately, she has been giving me the most amount of positive energy by saying that it is all going to be okay soon!

I just love today for all it is till now. I have a driving class in the rain today and I will be leaving work early too. I deserve to be happy because I have a job during a recession, I have a boyfriend who loves me a lot and who is being more understanding than I could ever ask him to be , I have a home, great family and amazing friends who still love me after all my tantrums.

I could ask for more, but I am content. Isn't that something you don't hear me saying everyday?

P.S. I look just like the kid in the picture... the happiness and not the nakedness!

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aben said...

you've been bookmarked madame,

I am adding you onto my everday read list...

Love the writing...

Loads of luv