Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Take me

You look into my eyes
As if you see right through me
Deep inside where I am numb
It makes me feel so naked
So powerless in your arms

Take me away from here
To an island blue and green
Breathe into me, make my blood warm
like I know you can
Been frozen all this while
without your touch

Feel like I have waited for this moment
A thousand years gone by
No other touch can feel this way
No other kiss can wet these lips right

Timeless beauty
This could last forever.
Twirl me around in circles
On this moonless night
And watch me get dizzier in your trance
This moment wont pass soon
Take me now…


Anonymous said...

That is a silent tornado speak

Vishveshwar Jatain said...

Gave me surges of energy without even fully going through the whole poem line by line! A bit too much to handle for a hyper 'out of this world' person like me, and extremely well written. Filled with raw emotion. You have a fan lady :)

Vishveshwar Jatain said...

Hey Esmaralda,

Since twitter blocked me at the wrong time, and I'm just drifting through space and time. I thought I would give a read again and drop some beautiful words I came across:

Is there anybody out there walking alone?
Is there anybody out there out in the cold?
Wrong heartbeats, Lost in the crowd

Is there anybody shouting what no one can hear?
Is there anybody drowning hold down by their fear?
I feel you, don't look away

Zoom into me
Zoom into me
I know you're scared
When you can't breathe, I will be there
Zoom into me

Is there anybody laughing to kill the pain?
Is there anybody screaming the silence away?
Just open your jaded eyes

Zoom into me
Zoom into me
I know you're scared
When you can't breathe, i will be there
Zoom into me

~You're welcome :)

Pan said...

good poems hard to come by these days and always a pleasure to read !!

gaurav said...

it resurges somthing inside u...

ani_aset said...

beautiful poem loved it :)