Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marriage.. NOT!

I have often written about the situation in relationships. Of course my view is biased. How can it not be? But I really want to discuss this topic on another biased view. One of the older sibling.

The other day I was shocked to hear my sister say, “I never want to get married. It’s a very unhappy concept”. She sounded so sure of it that it stunned me. Of course it isn’t a decision etched in stone. But why ever did she have such an absurd thought? This little 13 year old, had dreams a few years ago of having a big white wedding in a fancy place. So I sat her down and asked her what the matter was.

What I realized, is that I should soon stop her from watching “Colors” channel. No more saas-bahu for her. Whatever happened to Hannah Montana obsession and the rest, I wondered.

“What happens after you get married?”

Uhm... well baby, I cant tell you that now, but… “You start a new family. You become the one responsible for the house, the work, the money. You get to do all the things you see mom doing. It’s so much to experience!”

“Yes! I become everything. I have to take care of the kids, give birth to them first, become fat because of that and at the same time, I have to also do MY job outside the house.” What an intelligent sister I have, she has passed through the boy-crazy stage, safely, to become the sensible woman she should be.

She went on to rant about everyday fights and bills to pay and getting used to a new family. I now know that I should be careful when I fight with the boyfriend around this brat who is clearly eavesdropping on our conversations.

After a long chat, I held her close in my arms and watched her sleep while I promised her that though life may be tough, it still does have its bright ribbons and pretty bows.

I hope I am right! For one, she was up the next morning dreaming of being Justin Bieber’s wife.


Madhur said...

Tell your sister i have recently seen a lot of HOT mom's with kids :D .. they don't have to get fat anymore after giving birth :D

phantom's wraith said...

Everyone had been on this phase... I can so very well relate to her. I felt the same still do... :)

Aditya said...

She is lucky to have you to guid e her always. May all herz and your dreams come true :)

sanely insane said...

funny though...kids see adults fighting...and thats how they come to loathe the concept...

or so i'm guessing

so as a society this is what all our education and achievement has come to...

Aditya Nandode said...

WoW! What a twist in tale! Well she is aware of reality! A little too aware!

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Justin Beiber is all hype and nothing else. He Sucks.

Marriage ? Well. I don't want to get married either. I mean LIC, Dental Insurance, young kids making noise , inlaws dentures,Get home at 6 take a walk with wife and crash to wake up at 7 am ..NO!!!..dude trillion reasons to stay independent and chill.

Gypsy Qveen said...

@Madhur You know, funny enough, my mom is wayy hotter than any of those mom's youre talk about, even after 4 kids! So i am unsure of where that thought of her's came in.

@Phantom You know, everyone has and you're right. But the intensity of her words just struck me as odd coming from a kid who could care less about the future now.

@Aditya Often it is tough to not tell her the entire reality of certain situations but its tougher to decide which times you need to tell her the truth and which times you can allow her to live in a happier place for the while.

@Sanely Hence I need to be careful. My parents never fought in front of us. And violence ALWAYS leaves a mark on your memories.

@Aditya N Yes she is!

@Anon Well marriage isnt all that bad. Take the first step right by picking a person who will not mess your head up and not allow your life to become monotonous and life will be really good!

Saurin Parikh said...

Yes, it's the first step that is most important. Choose the wrong person, or marry for the sake of having to, and you'll be on the wrong foot for the rest of your life.
Marry only for love.

Shaiz said...

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