Friday, September 23, 2011

Don't look behind

I need you.

But I will tell you what I don’t need. I definitely don’t need the drop in my self- confidence. I do not want the incessant need for over protection masked with “care”. I do not demand to be told what my life is “supposed” to be.
I have never known of myself as one to follow norms. Do I look like I care about what society thinks? I love my god but I do not believe he put me here with a script written so next time you tell me I was “born” to do a woman’s job, slap yourself.

Actually, just slap yourself anyway. You managed to turn a brightly coloured tiger lily that’s full of life and energy into this ugly weed that is just lying there waiting to be uprooted and thrown away.

I told you. Don’t change me. You should have just let me be.

Now, do all you think you can to turn the clock back. 

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