Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No Tommorrows

Goodbye Cruel world,
I lost my way,
In your unending maze of do's and dont's,
And today I pull myself down
from the pedestal you put me upon for sake of show...
drag my hands up towards the sky
and give up on
your lies and deceits,
Of what you say is real and that which
exists only when my eyes are shut.
I scatter my earthly ashes on the shore
And let them be washed away from here
I have found some place new where
I shall feel nothing, ever again.
I refuse to give into the pain you cause
in me, just for your momentary pleasure
Its not my destiny, for I would hate to believe
you have decided what is to become of me
Even with my eyes open
the daylight that you shed is not bright enough
My hands are in fists
but I dare not fight
For that is what would please you most
Lost in thought, I call upon
yesterdays tears.
Suddenly, everything seems
perfectly clear.
When no longer living,
at last, I’ll be at peace.
All my pain and all my sadness
will finally have ceased.
I truly have found a better place
to be a part of.
I have to bring an end to this all,
never again will I shamefully crawl on your unworthy ground.
I will close my eyes to you, cruel world,
I won’t be afraid of the future to come.
There will be no tomorrows.


pra said...

Oh my my my ... !!!

When your front page is showing a HOPE...

How come the words like...No Tomorrows...Goodbye Cruel World ...I lost my Way...!!!!!

You can do better..

Never loose HOPE..Its the only word that is keeping everyone running...

Gypsy said...

Firstly.. please tell me who you are dear mysterious reader. And secondly...
No Tomorrows is mostly about finding a new world. Away from this degenerating world that breaks us apart.
It actually is about a new hope. See the last line... :)No more tomorrows... Just today.

pra said... know me....I am the " mysterious reader ". and of course as u know whats in name.
i just stumbled to ur it...
I am not good writer..but I can read good...
My reading about u is...their is a little pain..a little thorn... in ur heart..which bothers u..but at the same time u love that feeling...u r waiting for something or someone...Well its just me. What do i know?

Keep Writing...u ve a stream of flowing thoughts......never let it go waste...



Gypsy said...

Ha ha.. I appreciate the compliment. :) I think I write decently.
And about the pain and hurt that is in me, frankly, I express myself better through morbid words. :) I dont always feel that way. I have other posts too which ar very positive :P And from them you will find, I already have someone who I have been looking for for so many years :)
Thanks for reading my stuff.

pra said...

Hey Gypsy,

Long time no Blogs....must be very busy....

I Hope u found ur Tomorrow!!!