Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Drive

She walked towards her car and rummaged through her Gucci for the keys. They had gotten heavier since the new additions and hence easy to find in the maze of rubbish lying in her bag.

Getting into the car she stuck her key into the slot and the engine gave a loud whirrrr... not new for a woman who was used to driving 4x4’s all her adult life. Before shifting the gear she made sure the channel was set to something that could make her hands stop shivering. She looked around the lot and she was the last car to leave tonight, just like every other. No more did she have to face the problem of swerving around the lot struggling to get out and avoid traffic.

The city looked colorful from the rooftop parking she was in. The weather, pleasant as it was, encouraged her to keep the windows down. February is a great month in Dubai. The weather is good and so is the mood. Not for her though, the mood. After that day she looked at this city differently. It helped, you know, to shift the blame. The Burj Dubai looked gorgeous standing tall. Downtown was all lit up and resembled an enticing diamond set that she just didn’t want to wear. She set the car in a reverse motion feeling the numbness in her fingers worsen.


magiceye said...

great read!

sanely insane said...

havin written some pieces like this..i can only imagine the kind of pain hidden in the words of this post