Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Curiosity got the cat that day!

It was a bright July afternoon. My cousin had come over to her granny's house for the weekend, which was just above my house. It was pouring toads and fishes, so we weren't allowed out. Not even in my gorgeous lime green rain-coat! We generally were not allowed out because of the rubbish we ended up accumulating on our clothes in just an hour and also because I always ended up with multiple scars. Being two years younger than me, she was the coolest cousin I had and she still is, till date. So back to the afternoon... a time, according to my grand-aunt, when kids were supposed to be napping and getting plumper. So we would lie down beside her and wait until she would loudly start to snore and then sneak out slowly. We followed the same routine every summer afternoon.

Once she was in slumber land, we sneaked into my uncle's bedroom. This was the time when cassettes were cool and having a collection of the same was über-cool. My uncle had somewhat the whole collection of songs, that we today call retro. I think today, I have more songs than he ever had on all those cassettes that filled two cupboards, on my little blessing-to-the-world, called an iPod.

So that day, we decided it would be a cool dare to take out one of the cassettes and try to figure out how music plays from such a tiny thing. At 8 years, I was pretty curious about many things, which caused the huge dent in my dad's wallet. So we picked up this one black plastic box and pulled out a stream of some brown ultra-thin plasticky thingie. It was like a magic show, the more we pulled, the more came out! And as all good things do, this joy we had pulling it out, finally came to an end.

Now, as a kid I learnt this. If you are curious, and you have let your curiosity cross the line by miles, all you have to do to not get into trouble is somehow manage to put it back just the way it was. So the task at hand was to some how stick all this plasticky thingie back into the hard plastic box. Being as intelligent as I was, I figured out that I had to turn the round thingie by sticking my finger into it. Being the naïve 6 year old that she was, my darling sister wanted to do it herself and pulled it from me while I was rolling it up. The ultra-thin plasticky thingie split. It took me 20 mins to calm down and finally decide that I could try and stick it together. But thanks to my Irish luck, no glue in the house. Running out of time, I decided to tie it into a knot and then wrap it. It worked! I wrapped it up and completely made it look like we had never touched that drawer. Crawled back into bed with snoring granny and slept it off.

The cassette being black, my uncle never noticed the knot in the tape. Until that fateful day when he decided that listening to The Cascades singing "Rhythm of the falling rain.." would be ideal on his gloomy-rainy sunday afternoon.

Till today, while hearing that song, I can only remember the way it played that day "Oh, listen to the faaawwlling raieeen..Pitter pater, pitter paaattttter" and adding to the background score, my cousin wailing loudly and me breaking into a run for my life...

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