Friday, November 27, 2009


A true story about a girl
Once too many times mistaken
Whose kind and loving nature
For granted had been taken

She looks at the clock and sees
Time has suddenly stopped
She wonders “Do my ears deceive me,
Someone at my Heart’s door just knocked!”

She opens the doors, rubs her eyes
And sees him standing there
A face so pure, so content, so beautiful,
An expression that shows his care

And as she is about to let him enter
A voice from behind begins
“You make the same mistake again,
Why do you wanna let him in?”

“What kinda mistake do you say I make?” she asks
“That I love him and trust in all he says?”
“Yes,” it replied, “You guessed it right,
But eventually you’re the one who pays.”

And as the tears stream down her cheeks
She screams back and makes known her say.
“I love him & he loves me,
And now on, he’s gonna stay!”

But I warn you, as I always do,”
Came a shrewd reply,
“Don’t complain if he leaves and goes,
Don’t you dare cry!”

“He will leave with another
And keep no hope of any trace
And the happiness will follow out with him
Leaving long lasting sadness on your face

Listen she did not
And him she let enter,
And today he’s the happy one
She’s just a mere repenter

I wrote this  post when I was in school. Just found my book of poems so you will notice that I USED to rhyme back then. :P
Tell me how you like it and I'll post more :)


Aditya Nandode said...

? u wrote this when u were in school? u were a pretty grownup child!
Liked it!

Edward said...

That's really nice; definitely talented:)

Aditya said...

Very good writing. I always admire those who can write poems. It requires lot of talent :)

ani_aset said...

omg you wrote this in school..this is so mature a writing..loved it