Monday, August 16, 2010

Cinderella Time

It had been 45 mins since the last word was spoken. He looked unaffected.

She dozes off to wake up to the sound of the rain against the window and the warm touch of his hands. He smiles and says, "Wake up sweetheart, you're missing something amazing".

They're driving down the freeway and the hills look gorgeous. Their song plays on the radio. He takes her hand and starts singing it to her while he drives. She wants to capture this moment and make it last forever so she takes out the pink camera and starts recording him go out of tune.

The butterflies in her tummy are uncontrollable.

She loves today. It feels so familar. Almost enough to give her a sense of deja vu. They stop at a red light and he reaches out for her face and pulls her close to kiss her. It was love for sure, she knew that.

She looks at her watch... Its going to strike 12. And while it does, she saw it happen. Cinderella's time was over. The glass slippers were broken, the pumpkin was smashed and the horses were mice again. Once again... the silence was back, making her deaf. She looked over to him, he would never be the same again. Indifferent towards the change and the loss. Her pride was too heavy to cry so she let just a tear escape while she looked away.

She knew it then, love once lost will never come back, no matter how much you relive the oldest bestest memory you have shared.

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