Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Internet woes

I think I can say this is in response to a friend’s blog at where he was talking about Customer Service. I was on the phone for 30 minutes trying desperately to get an answer to my simple question. "What is the problem?"
Today Dubai faced a big problem with the Etisalat network over the internet. For about two hours I was stranded on my desk without internet and I realize how much I actually depend on it for all my work. What sucks is that I had been stranded yesterday with Gmail and wasted 2 hours of my time, for which I had to stay an hour longer in the office afterwards. Today too, I have lost my patience and that is why I decided that writing about may help me calm down. You know what really got me was the fact that Etisalat is such a monopoly that if the servers are down you have no choice except to wait. And when you have a crisis, getting through the customer care lines is like running in water! And you know this funny thing happened while I was waiting on hold, waiting for the agent to answer me. A recorded message was playing that said this, “If you are having problems with your internet connecting and if your internet is not working, you can solve this yourself by downloading the Etisalat Esupport. Just visit our website at” How the FUCK are we supposed to do that if we DON’T have internet??? I can rant all I want about how we depend on the internet so much for all our work and I can whine about it everyday, but when the boss is on my head for a deadline, just like he is right now, I know that I will be back on just that within seconds.

Irony isn’t it, im writing about how I depend on the internet and here I am voicing it out on the same thing!!!

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