Saturday, February 21, 2009

A new day... Again

This evening, a Friday and the weekend for me as I am now in the UAE, I sat to browse through my blog finally after so many months... And I think to myself, what makes me stop writing? What makes me start in the first place. Today what made me start is the simple reason, I felt it was necessary. I have been emotionally disturbed over the past few weeks about my whole move to Dubai. It hurt because I'm in the country which is a stranger to me, I am here with no friend, no one to turn to when I just need to vent. And if you know me, you know very well that I, being the person I am, I NEED to vent.
This, writing, is my only chance of keeping sane. I dont care about anyone reading this and saying "Oh that's so immature" cos they dont know what it is I feel right now. So I finally mustered up the courage to write, so what if it is utter rubbish? I wont always rant about my woes of being all alone in the night and missing my mommy beside me, I wont keep whining about how the silence in the bus kills me on my way back from work, I wont sob about how I need to hold his hand. I still am my fun-self. And I need to write to keep that alive.
This right here is a way of me speaking out to a lot of people at the same time, given that I am unable to do it over the phone thanks to the exorbitant cost of long-distance calls. It is also a way of me realizing what I went through and how I feel when I am in rage or down in the dumps. Because like any other human, I am not myself when I am emotional or better yet, when I'm under the influence of alcohol(these will be the times that I will write the most). It will be great therapy for me.

Today while I sat at Starbucks at City Centre, all alone for 3 hours, I began writing and I wrote so much, I refused to stop. But all that I wrote today wont go up now. Its a project I have taken up and will complete and after censoring most of it, the basic parts will go up. If you crave for more after that, I'll publish it and you can then buy it. Yes, truly I do intend on writing a book but I doubt I will ever publish it. Not out of fear, but... well once you will see what its about, you will know why. This is all for now.

J'espère que demain est un jour meilleur!
Jusque-là, au revoir mes chéris!

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freya said...

i want more of this!!!