Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Hard way

How could you not know
what it would be like to run down that road
stop not to smell the flowers
but enough to read the signs..
and you did not
and I hate you for it...

You had to learn it the hard way
And now you cant see her cry her heart out
while she watches them put you into the ground
You wont see him put away all your things in a box
with the anger of how he could have changed you
thinking maybe he didn't try hard enough
Regret's been known to give a man a hard time
you should know better...

Only fools don't take the time of day
They stay too busy running
To stop just once to tell the one
Just how much they love her

That's a lesson I wish you would've learned
Before the phone call came and it was her
And your momma didn't have to say a word
And my whole life was changed...

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