Friday, October 16, 2009

What's the big deal?

He was all excited that Friday Morning. I couldn’t fathom what could possibly make him smile that much at the beginning of a work day. Then at breakfast he stuck a paper in front of my face and pointed out this huge poster to me. At my reply, in the form of a shrug, he frowned and blamed the generation for my ignorance towards something that great! Of course, I had heard of him before, but was completely unaware of what the real deal was. Today was the day he was going to drag me and my mom for the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones saga. My dad, the avid fan of the man with a whip wearing an oversized hat!

The crowd at the theatre was tremendous. I was then made aware that my dad had actually purchased the tickets weeks before. No wonder he was almost having a fit when I told him I wasn’t in the mood for an action flick that day. What surprised me more was that my mom was happy about this movie too in her own subtle way, even though she hates action! While we sat waiting for the movie to start showing, mom was excitedly telling me about how she went to watch the first movie with my dad while they were dating. I wasn’t completely sure of what to expect when the movie started. But I wasn’t disappointed! I actually loved the action and more than anything else, I loved the familiarity I felt when I heard the soundtrack. Crazy how your subconscious plays these tricks on you, ainnit?

If you want to know what I thought about the movie, all I can say is that after I saw how people so annoyed that the movie didn’t match up to the prequels, I hired the DVD’s and watched the other three. I have much to grumble about how Spielberg could make such a blunder of showing Indians as such poor and wild “creatures” and simultaneously portray us as Monkey-brain-eating savages who love to slurrrp on snakes. Yuck!

My fav scenes in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” were quite a few. The scene when Indy finds out that Mutt is actually Jones Junior is quite funny cos they are also stuck in quicksand and Mutt hands over a long snake to help pull out Indy. The action scene is the jungle was totally awesome! Clumsiness and action made a crazy combination of emotions in me. Cate Blanchett amazed me with her acting.
Over-all I enjoyed the movie and would love to watch it again now that I have seen the earlier parts.


Aditya said...

Cool. I should watch it too. I never watched any :-?

sanely insane said...

we used to rent out tapes when we were kids and play it on our vcp...bloody cool they were...the last crusade, temple of doom...those old warplanes, theological mysteries...i tell kids nothing cud provide a better fantasy than an indiana jones movie :)