Friday, March 21, 2008

Here With me

You turned around to me,
The silence in the stairway allowed us
the sound of a tear dropping to the floor...
One among the million more to come.
You took me into your arms calmly,
I wondered why you were quiet instead of me,
I broke your heart in the end,
even though you became all I ever wanted you to be.
My tears soak into the new red shirt you bought months back,
you wanted to look special for today,
our anniversary,
you remembered me saying i loved you in red.
You were so composed while i sobbed,
Neither of us knew what was to happen
once you sat in your car and drove away for the last time.
The way you held my waist and pushed back
the hair from my face and said,
"Things are going to be okay for me, so just take care of yourself, Superstar."
You always called me that
and it made me smile a thousand times before.
But this time it made me cry more.
Why dont I love you anymore?
Why am i so selfish for wanting you to stick around,
be the shoulder when i cried?
You kissed my cheek and told me not to cry,
while a tear ran down your own cheek...
"I'll be fine!" you said, my line...
The one i used, when i wasnt sure if i was going to be ok or not.
You said you are going to take you away from me,
I know I'll miss you, but dont know what I can do about it,
I know I'll be alone when you shut your doors,
No one will get close to me like you did.
The last image I have of you, getting into your car and saying,
"I'll always look at this seat beside me,
and pretend you are here again,
telling me a million times that you love me,
and this time I swear i wont tell youto shut it.
I'll always love you my baby,
But as much as you look,
you will never find me,
Princess Anastasia..."

- May 8th 2007 -

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