Friday, March 21, 2008


I always keep spilling,
Overflowing onto the floor.
The endless pitter patter of my tears
Cause the people I love to sigh
"Not again! All she does is whine"

Why doesn't she love me? I wonder,
Why doesn't he understand?
Why do they flinch when I just wanna hold them, love them?
Why didn't he just cut the lies when he could?
Is it really so difficult to just be normal,
When I am truly as crystal as it gets?
Is it really that tough to give someone everything
And not expect them to take advantage?
All they keep telling me is that there is
Something the matter with me…
You are a child…
You are irresponsible…

You are a failure!

I scream and run
Run out into the open
Across the busy road
A car hits me
I crash onto the floor
And it was done, in a matter of seconds
Im lost…

And all you had was those last words
To say to me
"You will never learn. You drive us up the wall,
You were the biggest mistake of our lives"
Would you then stare at my calm lifeless body,
Touch my face that would never glow again
Hold my hand not wanting to let go
Wishing you had one last moment
To savor the times I told you I loved you?
To tell me you loved me too,
Not through gifts and clothes,
Not by taking me to dinner
But by holding me in your arms
And saying three simple words,
And ending it with a warm kiss on my forehead

An "I love you" makes the difference…
But now, the lid is shut forever,
Lost are all the times you didn't realize

And as you wish I was by your side to wipe your tears,
And hug you as I always did…
They put me into the ground
Baby you have lost me forever…
My sweet little babies, I will always love you…
Mommy… miss me please...
I am gone…

- December 2007 -

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