Friday, March 21, 2008

Hey little girl....

a cold heart
trying desperately to love
turns to a rose and it withers
looks to the blue sky and it rains.
Wat does one need to do in order to be loved
Change everything that was once beautiful in her
What must she do to keep the one she loves
Become his image of perfection?
Is love really what they say it is?
Birds and the bees, flowers and the trees…
Don’t look at me like that!
How could I know of love when ive never “loved”

You don’t want to love darling
Its nothing but pain
Its heart break at every corner
Disappointment at every turn
Once youre stuck
You cant get out of it
Cos you “love” them and you cant hurt them
But they can hurt you
Take your heart and ego and crush it under their feet
Tell you its for your own good
“im making you strong” is the excuse…
Take your beauty and win hearts with it
Don’t ever stumble though
Cos he will lie
He will cheat
He will shatter dreams
He will kill your esteem

Oh but love is beauty
It is the one thing people search for years and don’t find
And the one that keeps people together for years…

And you will never find out
Why those people are still in that “love”
Maybe it is because its too late
So my pretty, don’t make that mistake
The thorn on the rose will prick you
And the clouds will give you false hopes
Just like he will….

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