Thursday, March 12, 2009


It's lilac. I have finally decided! After hours of arguing with myself, I have come to the conclusion that the colour of my new neighbour's couch is lilac. It's a tricky thing I must say. Because from across the road and one floor higher, you could easily be mistaken about a detail like such. And of late purple and all its hues and shades have become my passion. Oh, thats a fruit which is purple! or maybe a something of violet... thats another thing I can ponder upon during my next "hours of boredom" slot on my planner.

Its crazy how when you wait your entire work day for am hour off and when you finally have it in hand, you're wondering what your next new activity to pass "precious time" would be!

I do have a job. But I just have it keeping me busy for 9 hours a day. Its so different from working 16-19 hours on a stretch. I have all the time in the world and no one to spend it with. So I sit writing and browsing. It terrible you know, cos you end up finding enough time to think too much for your own good (a very common symptom of the lack-of-excitement syndrome that I suffer from).

I sit at work everyday, and I research so much that I actually, finally know where the hell Warsaw is! For all those who don't know this marvelous creature called Al, I , in the right words, SUCK at geography. I couldn't tell you where the great barrier reef was until a week back!

I finally use Google Reader to keep up on news (again, something I discovered due to my lack of things-to-do). I read NEWS!!! I plead ignorance, your honor. I know I am a media person, I should know what is happening around the world. But I dislike reading news papers.

Now, as the over-powering stench of Turpentine sneaks in through the door, I am wondering at my first point mentioned here, why on earth is this person in the opposite balcony moving in and not moving OUT? Why is my neighbour wasting his time colouring his ceiling? Is it wrong information I have been given about the recession hitting Dubai hard? If no, then how do some idiots still have the money to invest in mindless things while so many in the world suffer?

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