Monday, March 30, 2009

Take it and go!

Mad day.

What's new? Everyday... Same S**t, Different Day!

Today I had a meeting in Sharjah. I detest that place. Its so far and inaccessible and since the rates of rent are lower there, so many people opt out of living anywhere else. Now that is what causes the unavoidable traffic. Unavoidable… because there is no available, positive alternative, to the stuffy road that I was to travel on. So I waited for a cab for 20mins and then finally got into a Dubai Taxi who took me in on a condition that I would catch another taxi once we reached the start of Sharjah. This assh**e of a man, didnt even take me to that place. Before reaching the Sharjah Bridge, on the free-way, he stopped the car on the emergency stopping zone and made me get off. He sincerely advised me to "stand on these yellow lines here, and a taxi will stop for you". Furious, I got off. Got a taxi guy, who sweetly, stopped for me - in the middle of nowhere. And once I was in he immediately scolded me, "you shouldnt have done that! You should have refused to get off and you should have immediately called a cop". Apparently he saw what the earlier cabbie had done. I was too sleepy and in too much of pain (from walking half the free-way in my four inch heels).

On coming back, I got the same cabbie. What are the odds? So as we were stuck in traffic for 50 mins over, he took the liberty of telling me stories of his "oh-so-exciting" life. Turned out, he wasn’t as average as I was thinking him to be. Some 15 mins into the conversation, he told me that he had been to jail for 7 years. I was ready to jump into the on-coming traffic, deciding that may be safer! I relaxed for two seconds when he said it wasn’t for rape of murder. Hit the panic button when he told me it was for possession of Brown sugar. 10 kilos of deadly, nasha-giving brown sugar! He told me that he used to be a dealer (exporter) of the stuff.. I have no clue if he was just saying stuff to be flashy, but I was freaking out nonetheless! He told me how the love of his life was married to him when he was 18 and how she ran away with another man while he was in jail. He then told me so many things about the way he hated women because he thought all of them were like his ex-wife. Note: most of his conversation was not clearly understood by me thanks to the language barrier. I think now would be a good time to tell you that he was from Sri Lanka. He gave me advise on how to pass my driving test and also, being an almost 50 year old man, he advised me not to be a heartbreaker and to watch out for locals who think they can have what they want.

I got to office safe. And it was pouring in the middle of the afternoon.
Left the office 30 mins later to go for my Driving classes. I couldn’t get a cabbie so I got onto a bus. It took years to get there! I was 40mins late for a 60min class. Took 5 rounds that consisted of 20 continuous left turns in a parking lot. And he signed my sheet and warned me to be on time the next day. It took me another hour to get a bus back to work and an addition of 30mins in the bus. My boss was furious and I told him to shove it(I just didn’t say it out loud).
Sat at work all day and didn’t have a clue what was going on outside. I left the office at 6.30pm Sharp! Not usual for me as I normally leave later than that. I waited for a bus for 40 mins during which I watched an entire Heroes Season 3 Episode on my iPod. After getting a bus. I sat in it from 7.15pm till 9.15pm on a route that normally takes 20 mins. Sucked so bad because I finished 3 more episodes and was fresh out of stuff to do!

Now here I am, watching CSI Miami on my telly, writing this blog to vent, and anxiously waiting to tell my boy about it over Skyp* because he isn’t un-sleepy enough to read it here.

I am off to read the gripping "White Tiger".

Mad day, I loved it.


magiceye said...

wow! well narrated rant!

Gypsy said...

What can I say! I love ranting!